This is an overview of our new Sports Service. Also check these  links to the  setup guide and web site if you want more info.

What is it ? 
A unique Sports Service, which allows Sports fans to access popular streams from all over the world which would normally be blocked based on location (including live and catchup links on free and premium sites). The sports include : EPL, Cricket, F1, NFL, La Liga, Budesliga, Serie A and many more. The channels include Sky Sports, Bein sports, BBC, NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN. Our main priority is providing a solution for EPL fans who do not have Optus. This Service provides access to free highlights and premium live EPL streams.


How does it work ?
The traditional approach of VPN providers is to setup hundreds of connections in different countries, and let the customers try and find the sites that they want (which may not be specifically unblocked). This means constantly switching config, which is not user friendly. Our customers are interested in Services (Netflix, Sports), not technology (VPN / DNS). So, we have specifically targeted the sites that provide the streams that our customers want, and unblocked them. As these sites are in different countries, we have taken care of the complex routing behind the scenes, so that our customers only need to configure and connect to a single VPN (, and then go to the site of their choice to stream the content that they want (Sky Sports in the UK, Star Sports in India, NBC or Bein in the US etc). We have researched these sites, and provided guides on where to get the best streams.

How much does it cost ?
Its part of our normal package that also includes a reliable solution for unblocking US Netflix. This includes access to streaming sites for EPL (live & catchup)  F1, Cricket and more. There is also the choice of a number of premium sites where an additional fee would be required (this is a legal Service unlike the IP TV solutions that are being sold behind closed doors).


We believe that this offers a viable alternative for EPL fans who are not Optus subscribers, and who have been left out in the cold. 

Note - The Service we provide enables you to gain access to 3rd party sites which would normally be blocked based on your location. We are not responsible for the availability or quality of any 3rd party sites.