This guide will give an overview of how to access SLINGTV with your vanishedVPN subscription
SlingTV is an American online TV portal which gives you access to US cable TV channels which would not normally be available outside the US. 

Sports - There are a variety of Sports channel. EPL games are on NBC sports. The full guide is here. (you will need to connect to the VPN first - see below)

To access Sling TV, follow these steps

1) Sign up for a VanishedVPN subscription here.
2) Sign up for a SlingTV account (free 7 day trail) here . Note, If you do not have a US credit card, it may be refused. To get around this, sign up for a prepaid  virtual Visa card from this site. The prepaid cards work just like a regular US credit card as it has been issued in the US. When accepted, you will get a US address, and just put that zip code in the box at the Sling TV sign up.
3) Setup the VPN client on your device(search the knowledge base for your device if you don't know how to do this)

Connect to

Copy & paste your username / password from your welcome email.

4) Connect to the VPN
5) Once connected, goto , and register for an account (we recommend the 'blue' plan if you want to watch EPL or Champions league, as it includes NBC Sports & Fox sports).
6) Download the app for your device .
7) Open the app, and start watching.


TIP - We have noticed during testing that once you have managed to play a stream from a channel, you can continue watching without being connected to the VPN (which improves the quality, as its a direct connection). We recommend that you disconnect from the VPN once you have played content.