Chrome cast does not support VPN , so to connect to your vanishedVPN, you need to set up the connection on another device, and connect the chrome cast via that device.

We highly recommend purchasing one of our Invizbox mini routers, as this will make your Chromecast experience easy. If you don't have an Invizbox, please follow the instructions below.

We recommend 2 options for this:

1) Setup the VPN on a Mac , WIN 10 machine, view the content in Chrome, and cast from the Chrome browser to Chromecast which is plugged into your TV (see video below). This is by far the easiest and simple method. It should also work for streaming from IOS & Android devices.

** 19th April 2017 - Note, customers have reported that using the Chrome Canary browser works well if you are trying to cast Download Chrome canary from here , then click on the 3 dots in the top right of the browser, choose 'cast' and then select your chrome cast device. Content should then be playing on your TV (or wherever the chrome cast is plugged into).

2) Setup the VPN on a mobile device (IOS or Android), and then stream to the chromecast from the App (Hotstar, Sling etc)

Note, we are aware that Netflix streaming using this method does not work on some devices since Netflix upgraded their app to block this.