Configuring your router to run one or more VPNs is a great solution to enable you to connect multiple devices in your environment, and stream to devices which can't run a VPN (such as Smart TVs, ATV, Playstation , Xbox etc).

The easy option

We can supply a powerful preconfigured router which will allow you to easily connect devices like Smart TVs, ATV, Xbox etc to the VPN. Check out the details here .

We have also partnered with FlashRouters who are expert in router config. They can either provide you with a new router with the Vanishedvpn config already installed, or they have support plans to help you configure your existing router. They also ship to Australia and world wide.

Some advice if you want to try it yourself

Before you start, be aware that configuring a VPN on your router can be tricky, and may result in techno frustration if you can't get it to work.  We highly recommend that you back up your router config (or make notes) before you make any changes, so that you can revert back to the working state if it goes wrong.

We have included a few high level 'guides' in this section, and some examples of working config to help you. This is only high level advice. This is not a guarateed, supported service

Because of the wide variety in make and config of routers, we cannot offer technical support for router config. FlashRouters  are experts in this area, and they can provide support to help you setup your VanishedVPN connection and / or provide you with a pre-confgured router.