How to setup OpenVPN on IOS (iPhone / iPad)

1) Download and install the 'OpenVPN Connect' app from the app store


2) Download the VanishedVPN OpenVPN config file from here for the Server that you want (i.e. usa.ovpn for the USA VPN to watch US Netflix)

3) Put the downloaded file somewhere where it can be found (we put ours on the desktop, it may be in your download folder).

4) Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac, and open iTunes .

5) Select the device, and click on 'Apps' on the left hand menu.

6) Scroll to the bottom in the main window, and click on the OpenVPN icon in the 'Apps' box 

7) Drag and drop the file you downloaded in step 2 (usa.ovpn in our example) into the 'OpenVPN Documents' box 


8) Open the App on your iPad / iPhone 


9) You should see the new certificate. Click on the green '+' sign , which will take you to the next screen


10) Enter your VPN credentials (we strongly suggest copy and paste, as these are both case sensitive)


11) Click save. You should be all setup and ready to go now.

12) To connect, click the switch below the 'Disconnected' text. You should see the VPN connecting and then 'connected' displayed.


If the VPN fails to connect, check your username and password is exactly as it is in the welcome email that you received. Your VPN password is not the password that you use to access 'my account' on our site. It is different for security reasons.


You should now be connected, and you should be able to access unblocked content from the country that you are connected to (i.e. US Netflix from the USA VPN).