OpenVPN is the fastest, and most reliable VPN you can run on your Android device, and it should be your first choice.

For this setup, you will need to download the OpenVPN app from the Google Play store, and load the VanishedVPN config files. This should take around 5-10 minutes.

1. Start by downloading the config files that you need from here or here 

2. You may want to open this link on your android device, and download directly to the SD card. The names of the files correspond to the location that you want the VPN to be in. For example if you want to watch US Netflix, you'll need the USA.ovpn file.

3. Go to the Google Play App store.

4. Tap on the search button in the App store.

5. Search for the app called OpenVPN Connect.

6. Install the application into your device.

7. Accept to the pop-out terms.

8. Open the application.

9. Select OVPN Profile option on home screen.

10. Allow to the pop-out for access to files on your device.

11. Choose Import and find the downloaded configuration files (they will be downloaded to the downloads folder by default).

12. Tap on one of the configuration file that you downloaded earlier and press import to import it in to the application.

13. Add title as a country name i.e France, USA, Australia.

14. Add username which is your email address.

15. Tick Save password checkbox and Enter your VPN credentials which is located in my account option once you login to vanishedvpn website. Press ADD button.

16. Username and password are case sensitive so we strongly suggest copy and pasting. Click the 'save' box. 

17. Perform steps 9 to 16 and add other server configurations into the app (optional).

18. Tap on VPN Profile listed to Connect.

18. Ok to the pop-out connection request

19. Continue to connect without a certificate.

20. You can also add more profiles by clicking + sign on app.
21. You should now have successfully connected. To check your connection, try to access content from the location that you are connected to (i.e. US Netflix if you are connected to the USA VPN).

20. To disconnect from the server tap on OpenVPN Profile button.