Note, this guide is for information only. VanishedVPN do not support the Netflix App or Apple airplay.

It appears that a recent update of IOS or the Netflix app has enabled airplay mirroring of content while connected to a VPN (previously this was not always possible.) This guide shows you how to do this.

1) Ensure that you have the latest version of IOS (10.2.1 or higher) & Netflix app (9.6.0 or higher) installed on your device, and that your Apple TV is powered on.

2) Connect to the VPN (USA for US Netflix) on your iPhone or iPad, launch the Netflix app, and start playing the content.

3) Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the airplay menu.

4) Select 'AirPlay Mirroring'

5) Select your Apple TV

6) Swipe down from the top of the screen.

The content should now be on your Apple TV. You may need to press the play icon to resume playing.

Note, during testing , this worked first time on ATV2, but we had to try a few times before it would work on ATV4.

Good luck. Unfortunately, we cannot offer support for this, as both the Netflix App and Apple Airplay are not within our control, so please do not raise a ticket if it does not work for you. However, you may want to utilise our forums to share tips about airplay.