This guide covers the installation of the pre-configured ASUS RT-AC68U router.

Your router will have been configured with your VPN credentials, however, you will need to follow the steps below to setup with your home network.

1)  Power on your unboxed router.

2)  To connect your router to an existing modem. There is a RJ45 (Ethernet cable) in your router

box. Please connect it to the WAN port (blue colour port) on new Asus router and plug in the

other end of the cable on your existing router LAN port (usually Yellow colour port).

3)  Please wait until your router starts and Connect your device to your router WIFI. 

Your router SSID and password are:

SSID: VanishedVPN 

Password: Asus123@Vanished 

SSID: VanishedVPN_5G

Password: Asus123@Vanished

Note: passwords are case sensitive.

4)  Once your device connects to VanishedVPN WIFI, it will automatically open a webpage for router configuration. Just in case if it doesn’t open, you can manage it through the linkbelow.

Credentials for router login are:

Username: admin
Password: admin123

Once you have completed the setup guide, click the 'VPN' option on the left hand side menu, and click the 'VPN client' tab at the top (alternatively navigate here   

You will see a list of VanishedVPN servers which have been configured for you. Decide which VPN you want to connect to, and click the 'activate' button. After a short time, you should see a tick next to the connection status. Now, every device that you connect via this router, will run over the VPN that you have chosen.

To test this, we suggest that you connect a device to the router's wifi , and try and access the unblocked content (for example if you are connected to the USA VPN, you may want to see if you can access the USA Netflix catalogue). 

If you want to change VPN's , simply click the deactivate button next to the active connection, and then 'activate' an alternate VPN.

To run traffic normally without the VPN, just 'deactivate'.

Connect all your devices such as Apple TV, Chrome Cast or any other to the VanishedVPN WIFI and you will be able to enjoy your favourite show or surf the geo blocked websites.

For the best streaming, we recommend that you enable 'media streaming' QOS. This can be found under the 'Adaptive QOS' tab on the left hand menu bar, and then the 'QOS' tab. This should have been enabled as part of the configuration. If not, just click the 'enable QOS' button to on, and select 'Media streaming', and click apply (as shown below).

Please let us know if any issues. We are happy to help.