Unless you have downloaded it from this site, it is not advisable to manually flash a firmware on your InvizBox (we will also not support those firmware).

You can find our latest InvizBox firmware here. Download the .bin file

You will need the .bin file for the upgrade. The other .sha file is used for verification (see below)

Make sure you do NOT remove the power source from your InvizBox during the upgrade process

Here are the steps to follow in order to flash a new firmware:

  • Make sure you unplug the Ethernet cable from the WAN port
  • Restart your InvizBox by unplugging and plugging back in the USB cable
  • Connect to it via WiFi or cable (it may take a minute for it to be available as the Invizbox is restarting)
  • Login to the administration interface (
  • click on 'Expert mode' on the left hand 
  • Go to the 'Flash new firmware' page from the system/backup flash firmware menu
  • Make sure the  'keep settings' box is unticked
  • Click 'choose file' and select the .bin file that you downloaded 
  • Click "Flash Image". The next page will take a few seconds to load. 

  • In the next page, make sure the hash is identical to the one in the .sha file (download it & open in a text editor to view). 
  • If the numbers match, proceed to flashing by clicking the 'Proceed' button (only click once)

  • Once on the Flashing page, do not power off the device (as stated)
  • The Invizbox LED will stay off until it reboots itself (it takes a couple of minutes), the LED then turns on during the boot sequence and turns off again
  • Once you have observed that boot sequence, plug your Ethernet cable back in the WAN port
  • You can connect to your InvizBox again, login and check the version on the status page