This guide gives our recommendations for channels which we have unblocked for you , which will have EPL streams available.

Firstly, you will need to sign up for a VanishedVPN subscription , setup the VPN on your device (find the guide for your device in our knowledge base).

Once you are connected, you will be able to navigate to the sites below, and view the content (which would normally be blocked based on your location).

Note - This is a guide to sites we've tried. We are not responsible for the content or access to these sites. If you have issues, we are not able to offer support, as they are 3rd party sites.

1 -

Our first recommendation is (connect via our Russia VPN). They have free , live streams available for many of the EPL games (but not all). The main selling point here is that the streams are free.

2 -

Our Second recommendation is (connect via our India VPN). They have live streams available for all EPL matches in HD (up to 720p). To view EPL, you will need a premium membership (which is approx $3 per month, and has a 30 day free trial). This will allow you to view all premium content on the site including the latest films (in HD) and HBO (including GOT, Silicon Valley, Modern Family etc). Awesome value.

Note - This site is normally restricted to India residents, but we have unblocked it for you. When you sign up for a premium membership, we recommend that you don't use a email address (as this might give the game away). Some customers have had problems with their cards being rejected. Amex seems to work best. Some have had success after multiple attempts.

Once you are signed up, we recommend that you check out a few of the streams, and perhaps work out which device you will stream from , and how you will share to your TV  if that's what you intend to do.

Once the EPL streams are available, you will find them under the Sports menu (normally 5 mins before kick off)

Once you've opened the stream and start to play, you can click on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and choose the cog wheel to adjust the quality (we recommend 720, if your internet connection is fast enough). If you get any buffering, change back to auto. You can also click on the arrows to make it full screen.

APPS - There are Hotstar apps available. We've tried the apple app, and it works well. However, it is only available from the India app store. To access this, you will need to setup and account in the India store.  There is some advice on this here (including sign up for hotstar premium).

2 - SLINGTV (connect via our USA VPN)

SLINGTV is a US based service which allows streaming of channels which would normally only be available to US residents via cable. These channels include NBC Sports which shows the EPL games. Most live games are available (not all). Subscription for the 'blue' package is $25 (US) per month. Quality is good.

3- (Connect via our UK VPN)

NowTV carries all of the Sky sports feeds. They will be showing some live games (with the exception of the 3pm Saturday kick offs). Their schedule is available here. This is a premium subscription service. There are options of daily, weekly and monthly passes. You may want to start with a daily or weekly pass to see if it works. Note - this Service is based in the UK. We don't know how daily passes will work with the time difference in Australia yet, so be mindful of this if you pick a daily pass. This is more expensive than SlingTV which is why its our 3rd choice.

In order to register for this service, you will need to connect to our USA VPN (, and then go through the signup process. Note, you will need a UK address (google is your friend). As with hotstar, we recommend that you don't use a email address when you sign up, as this site is meant to be restricted to UK residents(and this might give the game away).

Once you're connected, there are different options to view the streams. We've tried on a Mac & PC (via browser), which work well. We also tried the Nowtv app on ATV4 (again you will need to download from a different country store - UK ). The app actually works really well. There is a small amount of blocky content (for maybe 30 seconds), and then its really clear and good quality. Obviously, this will depend on your internet speed (ours was around 7mbps when we tested).

There seem to be a lot of choice for apps for different platforms (see here). We haven't researched most of these, and you will need to find the best solution for your setup. Remember that you will need to have the VPN either running on the device that you're streaming with, or sharing the internet connection of a device which is connected to the VPN (via airplay of Chromecast for example). There are some docs on our knowledge base which give some high level examples and advice. We cannot give specific advice for your setup (you'll need to work that out).