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TP-Link router setup issue - VPN won't connect

Hi there,

I am trying to set up VanishedVPN on my TP-Link router and after entering the settings per the guides, it gets stuck 'connecting'. 

I triple checked my username, password and the server address were correct. A screenshot showing the settings I have entered and the 'connecting' loop it is stuck in is attached. 

Can anyone help me out? VanishedVPN support suggested I buy a flashrouter or pay $100 for their troubleshooting which is an extremely expensive f'ix'.

Thank you,


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Had exactly the same with my TP Link Router. I gave up in disgust. Never did get it to work

I have the same issue


A couple of things to try here.

1) Change your DNS settings to google's  &

2) If this router support OpenVPN, I'd highly recommend installing that (search our knowledge base, and you'll find the links to the config files).

3) Lastly, if you don't get any luck with the above, it may be worth dropping the MTU to 1300. 

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